Tourism in Aigues-Mortes

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Aigues-Mortes for your next holidays, it's the guarantee of an authentic and festive stay, under the Camargue sun.

For a day, a weekend or a week, at your own pace to discover the treasures of the medieval city of Saint Louis: an exceptional architectural heritage, an amazing flora and fauna in the middle of marshes and lagoons, unique vineyards and an idyllic location to discover the region and its surroundings.

The ramparts of Aigues-Mortes

The medieval city of Aigues-Mortes offers a surprising journey back in time to anyone who enters it.

800 years of history are revealed through its perfectly preserved old stones, which knew greatness and decadence according to the will of the Kings of France. Stroll through the ramparts of Aigues-Mortes, between the massive towers and the impressive dungeons.

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Aigues-Mortes Salt Marshes

Salt mining in Aigues-Mortes is an economic activity that dates back to Antiquity. Aigues-Mortes Salt Marshes are the largest in the Mediterranean. It is the size of intra-Muros Paris just that!

It's a supernatural place by the colors, always different, that it offers and its exceptional fauna with more than 200 species of birds including of course the pink flamingos. Photo lovers, get ready!

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But also


One cannot come to Aigues-Mortes without visiting a manade, these Camargue bull and horse farms. Come and discover the work of the gardians, the traditions and values ​​of the manadiers. For the gourmets, a tasting of local recipes is a must.
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From the port located a few steps from the hotel, many cruises are available on the canals to discover a wild and protected Camargue, unusual and fascinating, a fauna and flora unique in the world: egrets, flamingos, rice fields , white horses and, of course, bulls…

The Provencal market

Every Wednesday and Sunday morning from 8 am to 1 pm a few steps from the hotel, do not miss the traditional market with the colors and odors of Provence and the Camargue: regional products, crafts.

To regain some strength, taste the fougasse of Aigues-Mortes, this typical sweet brioche flavored with orange blossom that smells of holidays.

The Mediterranean

A will of sea? The beaches of Grau du Roi are only 5 kms away. You can even go there by bike, by the cycle path that runs along the Rhône to Sète canal.

Our recommendation: Espiguette beach, a natural, untouched by any construction place. 

Walks and bike rides

For lovers of hiking or cycling, our region offers an incredible playground.Hiking maps are available at the hotel reception and we will be happy to help.

Our recommendation: a quick trip to the Carbonnière tower. Built at the end of the 13th century, at the same time as the ramparts, it served as a watchtower to control the entry or exit of the city. It is located in the middle of the swamps and offers a sublime panoramic view on the little Camargue.

Wine tours

You will quickly notice, La petite Camargue, it is of course water, horses, bulls, flamingos but also ... vines!

From Sète to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the Camargue "Vins des Sables", which take their name from the sandy soil on which the vines grow, enjoy an exceptional terroir rewarded with a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

Tours or organized...with degustation!

By car

Aigues-Mortes offers an optimal location for visiting the wonders of Gard, Héraut and Bouches-du-Rhône. Within an hour's drive, you can for example visit the following sites:

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Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard is located in the heart of a region with a rich historical heritage near Nîmes, Uzès and Avignon.The most visited ancient monument in France, a UNESCO listed aqueduct, the Pont du Gard remains one of the great masterpieces of humanity. Marvel of Antiquity, technical prowess, it is also a magic site, become wild again since its redevelopment.To find out more,


Put on your gladiator costume and wander the streets of Nîmes as in the time of Augustus. Alea jacta est… spend a day visiting Nîmes, the Gard capital. Discover the arenas of Nîmes but also the Maison Carrée, stroll through the gardens of the Fountain, admire the remains of the Temple of Diane and climb up to the Magne tower.


Dynamic, creative, attractive, Montpellier is a thousand-year-old city that surprisingly combines ancient heritage and contemporary architecture. Cultural and sports center, rich in festivals and populated by students, it also invites you to party. From its medieval alleys ideal for shopping, to new districts combining natural spaces and constructions signed by the greatest international architects, come and take a look.


Barely half an hour from the hotel, the village of Saintes Maries de la Mer, land of welcome and tradition, built between sky and sea, where the Rhône embraces the Mediterranean.The town characterized by its narrow streets houses a fortified church built between the 11th and 12th centuries, the Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Mer.